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A Sensitization
Durbar on Implementation Schedule of the Accra Plains Irrigation Project (APIP)

The Ghana Irrigation Development with assistance from Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project on Thursday 19th June, 2014 organized a day�s sensitization durbar on the implementation schedule of the Accra Plains Irrigation project at the Royal Masito Hotel, Mepe in the North Tongu District.


The sensitization durbar was to call for the support of all people living in villages and towns bordering the Volta River and the Accra Plains canal in the Shai Osudoku, North Tongu, Ada West and Central and South Tongu districts to give way for a cadastral survey to be conducted on their lands. The cadastral survey when conducted will have all the lands in the Accra Plains area to be plotted and registered to pave way for the construction of a canal which will channel water to farm lands for irrigation. This will boost agricultural practices and production for the people in the Accra Plains area and improve upon their livelihoods.The Accra Plains for irrigation covers a gross area of 200,000 hectares (ha) when it was first identified. The area under the irrigation has been reduced to approximately 150,000 ha due to increase in population and development of residential houses in several areas over the years.The development of Accra Plains for irrigated agriculture was initiated in 1961 and the studies dates back to the early sixties when the study for the Akosombo dam was undertaken.The Ghana Irrigation Development Authority with assistance from Ghana Commercial Agricultural Project and the World Bank has completed a pre- feasibility study of the Accra Plains Irrigation Project.In addressing the Chiefs, Queen mothers, Elders and people from the two districts, the CEO of GIDA Dr. Ben Vas Nyamadi in his welcome address said the people should cooperate with the survey team that will come to their area and not see it to be that their lands will be taken away from them.Speaking on behalf of the Lands Commission Mr. J.T. Odametey, Director of Surveys reiterated for the support of the survey and cautioned the people not to allow their emotions to get in the way but rather demonstrate absolute peace for the survival of the project. He stressed that the boundary pillars when placed in the lands should not be removed as it is a criminal offence to do so.The Accra Plains Irrigation project when developed will create wealth, food, job opportunities to the people around its surrounding communities and the country as a whole.