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Individuals and companies in sand winning activities in the catchment area of the Okyereko Dam in the Central Region have been warned by the Ghana Irrigation Development Authority to halt their operations with immediate effect. These activities have led to the degradation of land close to the dam and impeding the flow of water into the reservoir due to the blockade by the sediment left after the sand winning operations. The Chief Executive Dr. Ben Vas Nyamadi on an inspection tour at the Okyereko Dam site on 17th March, 2017 observed that sand winners had dug deep pits at the dam’s catchment area and in the beds of the waterway that fed the reservoir. The Dam which was constructed in 1974 was to supply water to the Okyereko farming community and designed to irrigate more than 100 hectares of land, its major source of water is from streams and direct rainfall. More than a hundred rice and vegetable farmers depend on the reservoir for their livelihood. The acting head of Okyereko traditional area Abusuapayin Nana Kojo Anobil who was patrolling the Dam attested that sand winning activities have become a source of worry for the farmers and community leaders at large. He pledged to partner with GIDA by arresting unscrupulous persons engaged in the sand winning activities in the area as well as seizure of the sand trucks to bring the activities under control.