No. Project Name Funding Partners Component Description Design Area Implementation
New (ha) Rehabilitation
Planned Period (From - To) Current Status Remarks
1 Small Scale Irrigation Dev. Project (SSIDP) ADF, GoG, IFAs Construct 15 small scale irrigation schemes, 4 water conservation schemes & 8 micro-irrigation schemes totaling 2,590 ha. - Establish Irrigation Farmers* Association and train farmers, MOFA Extension & GIDA PMU staff. - Provide logistic support to GIDA 2,390 Aug. 2000 * June 2004 - 25 schemes (1,682 ha) developed out of 2,590 ha planned. -10 completed schemes operational, Eleven (11) completed but non-operational schemes, four (4) schemes uncompleted *Non-completed schemes & those completed but with minor works before becoming operational (loaded onto the Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP).*
2 Small Farms Irrigation Project (SFIP) BADEA, GoG, IFAs Develop 11 schemes (820 ha) - Formation of Farmers? Associations and training of farmers - Project logistics to support GIDA 820 June 2003 ? Sept. 2008 Five (5) schemes (324ha) completed out of eight (8) schemes (494) ha. Three (3) remaining (170ha) are at different stages of completion. Expected for completion by June 2014. Funds released by BADEA to complete project which is ended but now extended to June 2014.
3 Rehabilitation of 9 Formal?? schemes (Mention them)? GoG Rehabilitated to improve water delivery and crop production. Installation of pumps 1,911 2005 - 2010 All nine (9) schemes completed and operational.
4 Rehabilitation of 70 breached dams in 3Northern Regions. WB/GoG Repair of breached dams and develop available land for dry season vegetable farming. 110 2008 - 2010 57 completed & handed over? 6 substantially completed? 7 terminated for re-award Poor performance& delayed works by contractors.
5 Surveys on dams and dugouts (informal sector) GoG Create a database on number of dams & dugouts & area (ha) covered. 17,636 2006 - 2010 755 dams, 2,633 dugouts identified. Covers 17,636 ha Funds required for validation and identification of new areas.
6 Rehabilitation of Bontanga and Golinga Schemes MCA/MiDA Repair of canals, drains, culverts & land development. 490 2009 - 2012 Completed and handed over in Feb. 2013.
7 Pilot Surface Water Extraction for Small Scale Irrigation GoG/MOFA/ GIDA Supply pumps and sprinklers for small holder farmers for dry season vegetable farming. 680 2008 onwards 897 pump sets and 266 sprinkler sets distributed & installed in 10 regions.?
8 Construction of Dawa&Afiadenyigba dams GoG Surveys and design, procurement of contractors and construction of 2 dams for cropping. 90 2010 - 2012 ?2 dams (Afiedenyigba 30 ha and Dawa 60ha) completed & handed over to beneficiaries.?
9 Export Marketing and Quality Awareness Project (EMQAP) GoG i. Construction of small dams at 4 demonstration centres (Amrahia in Gt. Accra, Okyereko in Central, Kade in Eastern and Vakpo in Volta) ?ii. Installation of drip irrigation equipment? 18 2009-2012 Construction and installation completed on all sites
10 MiDA?s programme to assist the horticulture industry MiDA Irrigation Construction 10500 2010 - 2012 Closed Project Closed