No. Project Name Component Description Design Area Remarks
New (ha) Rehabilitation
1 Rehabilitation of Vea Irrigation Project Infrastructure of the gravity irrigated system to be rehabilitated to improve the operation on this 800 ha project. 800
2 Program for the Procurement of Basic Equipment for Maintenance of Irrigation Schemes Procure basic equipment for the maintenance of irrigation infrastructure
3 Road culvert diversion weirs for irrigation (study and implementatuion) Identify locations during road construction for culvert diversion wires and provide pipe networks for irrigation. SADA support to on-going field work.
4 Bankable investment project profile: Small scale/Micro-scale irrigation and Drainage Project (23,000 ha) 1,000
5 Development of KulpawnSisili Irrigation Scheme Develop 20,000-45,000HA IN THE Sisili-Kulpawn basin for irrigation 45,000
6 Extension of Weta Irrigation Scheme Extension of existing scheme by 2,000ha 2000
7 Development of Avu-Keta Irrigation Scheme Update feasibility studies and implement project 30,000
8 Development of Daboya Irrigation Scheme Conduct feasibility studies and implement project 3,000
9 Development of Ho-Adaklu Irrigation Scheme Conduct feasibility and implement project 2,500
10 Development of Pwalugu Irrigation Scheme Update feasibility and implement scheme on 1,000ha to produce tomato to feed Pwalugu Tomato Factory 1,000
11 Development of KambaIrrigation Scheme Update feasibility study and implement irrigation scheme 1,000
12 Development of TamneIrrigation Scheme Update feasibility study and implement irrigation scheme
13 Development of KaragaIrrigation Scheme Conducted feasibility study and implement irrigation scheme 22,500
14 Development of KatangaValley Conducted feasibility study and implement irrigation scheme 50
15 Develop 22,590ha of small/micro-scale irrigation and drainage schemes to benefit 16,380 communities within 5 years in 10 regions of Ghana to cost Drainage 22590
16 Conduct studies into irrigation mapping and prepare bankable projects for the country estimated to cost Studies and Mapping
17 Identify/develop 100, 000ha of sustainable water harvesting and agricultural water management schemes in Southern and Northern Savannah Zones. (First phase will be 62, 000ha in Upper East and Northern Agriculture Water Management 100000
18 Kamba update & construction 1500 Tahal Consulting Ebgineers Ltd did feasibility in 1988
19 Tamne update & construction 1500 UNDP/FAO and M/s Phaza Consult
20 Avu-Keta update & construction Wakuti of West Germany undertook feasibility in 1968
21 Mpaha update & construction FAO
22 Pwalugu Feasibility Studies 20000
23 Ayensu update & construction 3500 Nippon Keoi & Euroconsult di studies
24 Lamasa update & construction 1300 UNDP/FAO